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Air-Water Treatments Vent Stack Filters

Patent Pending Vessel Design
Elegantly simple, PEACEMAKER™ (brand) systems are compact, self contained, portable, safe and easily installed. Vessel design is integral to the performance of the system. Foul air, exhausted by the Vent Stack, is gently pushed through the treatment chamber and diffused in a manner to maximise distribution and contact with treatment media and chemicals. Only one thing can happen - foul air goes in; clean air comes out.

Patented Chemistry and Media Design
The PEACEMAKER provides breakthrough chemistry and media design for malodour control. Patented, demand dependent, AWT DI-OX™ releasing media can be combined with other absorptive media types to provide safe, extremely effective, broad-spectrum malodour control.

The Oxidising Layer
AWT DI-OX is an extremely powerful oxidising agent. For example two and a half times that of chlorine, four times that of potassium permanganate. Because AWT DI-OX reacts selectively and primarily with only the most offensive odour producing compounds (hydrogen sulphide (H2S), organic sulphurs, organic amines, petroleum distillates), the PEACEMAKER system will normally provide a much longer service life than competitive products. Similarly AWT DI-OX will remain intact longer than chlorine, hypochlorite, peroxide and permanganate. Unwanted reactions do not occur. Power is not needlessly spent. AWT DI-OX remains available and ready on demand.

Under normal circumstances AWT DI-OX media is all that is required to solve the problem

The Polishing Layer
This optional layer protects against the escape of malodours which cannot be oxidised, such as ammonia. Several absorptive medias are employed, depending upon particular odour polishing requirements.

Alumina and carbon materials are typical examples, but a novel odour polishing media under patent application is based on recycled fibreboard treated with special polymers and moulded into cubes. The result is a material from which a media matrix is formed which possesses excellent odour absorption properties

PEACEMAKER Vent Stack filters are available in three standard sizes. But special sizes and designs are also available to suit particular customer requirements.


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