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Air-Water Treatments "Big Fogging" System

Skid or Trailer mounted for complete transportability, the BIG FOG can be deployed as a comprehensive independent Odour Control Fogging or Dust Suppression system around large sites or from site to site.

The BIG FOG will comfortably send a dispersed fog cloud over 35 metres from source in a wide blanket.

Robust, weatherproofed construction, the BIG FOG exhibits the durability and reliability required to operate under
the most arduous site conditions.

The BIG FOG can be operated from a fixed single phase power supply or portable 3KVA generator (not included).

Quick and easy assembly the BIG FOG can be made fully operational by one man in less than 15 minutes.

A reservoir of 1100 litres of odour control formulation allows the BIG FOG to operate unattended for long periods.

Designed to offer cost effective Odour Control or Dust Suppression when and where required.

Ideal for:
Emergency use to suit varying site conditions and operating needs.
Waste Water Treatment Facilities,
Landfill and Waste Disposal Sites
Transfer Stations, Industry etc
Land Remediation Sites


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